The Truth About Building Muscle


“The Truth About Muscle Building” by Sean Nalwanyj is by far the most comprehensive all in one bodybuilding ebook on the web. His massive 262 paged bodybuilding ebook covers everything you will need to know about getting started in bodybuilding. It tells you with exact facts and figures how to build muscle and build it in the quickest and yet most effective way possible. To his credit “The Truth About Muscle Building” is one of those ebooks that is so simple and easy to understand it keeps me going back to read and refer to. His training philosophy implements that of a HIT training style made famous by the late Arthur Jones in the 70’s in which many of the most historical and best bodybuilders have used including Dorian Yates and Mike Mentzer to name but a few.



When you receive “The Truth About Muscle Building” you will be overwhelmed with how much information is in the ebook and you will appreciate how much time is evident Sean has put into gathering, researching and finally writing the ebook in such a way anyone can understand it.


Bearing in mind the ebook is 260 pages long it may take you a couple of days to get through but was you have it would of been well worth the read. To give you an idea of whats in the book Sean is giving away a sample of his bodybuilding ebook which shows you every element that is in the ebook and gives you the first chapter “The Muscle Building Philosophy” free. I really urge anyone who is contemplating buying the bodybuilding ebook to download it from the link below this to reassure yourself this is the real deal!


The Truth About Muscle Buidling Ebook Sample


All in all there is 9 chapters in “The Truth About Muscle Building” which include


  1. Introduction
  2. The Muscle Building Philosophy
  3. Structuring The Perfect Workout
  4. Optimum Muscle Building Nutrition
  5. Supplementing for Massive Gains
  6. Critical Feeding Times
  7. Muscle Building Myths Uncovered
  8. Proper Rest and Recovery
  9. Closing Words


Each of the chapters go into full depth about each of the chapters topic. Sean goes into great detail leaving no stone unturned he really is not cutting any corners for this great bodybuilding ebook this is why I personally think it is one of the best if not the best all in one bodybuilding ebook.


Right now you may be wandering after looking at the sample ebook where if the training program? Well the training program comes in a separate ebook which is included with “The Truth About Muscle Building”. The program is a 26 week muscle building program designed to progressively overload, condition and develop your muscles over three 8 week cycles plus 1 weeks rest every 8 weeks adding up to the total 26 weeks. While the exercises sets and reps don’t change much at all over the 26 weeks and with only a handful of exercises being changed over the 26 weeks you may think that your body will get used to the program. WRONG. This program like i said earlier uses the training  principle HIT (High Intensity Training) most gym goes and bodybuilders including the pros have never used this training principle despite some of the most historical and best bodybuilders of all time swearing by it. It is very intense you will be lifting heavy ass weights and it is not an easy program by any means. Sean really has wrote this with the intention of gaining some incredibly dense and solid muscle as well as some crazy strength gains.


Sean Before and After
Sean after following his own Program


If you decide to spend the $77 it costs for the Muscle Gain Truth Program here’s what you can expect to get:




  • The Truth About Building Muscle eBook
  • 26 Week Workout Plan & Logbook
  • The Full Video Exercise Database
  • 12 Week Muscle Building Meal Plans for each stage
  • An Online Video Lesson Series
  • The Body Transformation Tracker (Fitness Tracking Software)
  • 24 Hour Access to Sean Nalewanyj Himself
  • A High Intensity Workout Video
  • MP3 Audio Course
  • Personalized Workout Plans
  • An In-depth audio interview with Sean
  • A 15% Supplements Discount


Once you purchase the course there’s also a nice surprise waiting for you inside the download area, were Sean has offered some free gifts in the form of reports which include:


  • Fat Loss Supplements Exposed
  • Testosterone Boosting Report
  • Amazing Smoothies for Athletes
  • and Easy Diet Secret for Maximum Muscle

So without giving away to much more information bodybuilding ebook “The Truth About Building Muscle” by Sean Nalewanyj is an incredible bodybuilding ebook with huge amounts of success from the readers who have implemented his training program and have read the ebook.


“The Truth About Building Muscle” is definitively in the top 2 bodybuilding ebooks along with Vince DelMonte’s “No Nonsense Muscle Building” on the Internet with thousands of happy customers and success stories it’s really no wonder why I consider this to be one of the best. So do yourself a favor go support Sean and help yourselves by getting your copy now and start your journey to becoming muscular beast!



So do yourself a favor and go get it now!



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