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“Critical Bench” by Mike Westerdal is the number #1 selling Bench Press Ebook on the internet. Unlike “Blast Your Bench” by Lee Hayward who boasts a 51 pound increase in your bench in 3 weeks Mike claims to have you increasing your bench the same weight in 10 weeks. Your probably thinking well ill just by Lee’s then if it does the same thing but quicker? True “Blast Your Bench” will give you quicker results but its program is purely designed to increase the bench press. If that is your goal then I recommend “Blast Your Bench” but Mike Westerdal’s “Critical Bench” on the other hand delves a little deeper then simply getting a better bench press which it most certainly does but it goes even further then that as you will soon find out.



Why is “Critical Bench” the most sold bench press ebook on the Internet? Well it’s one of the longest running online bench press ebooks being around for a little over 10 years with the special 10th Anniversary Edition available now. Its success stories have been heavily publicized and the ebook has landed media coverage in credible magazines like ‘REPS!‘ and on websites such as It also not only increases your bench by up to and over 50 lbs in 10 weeks but its the only specifically designed Bench Press Ebook that i’m aware of that is going to build muscle at the same time giving you double the benefit and maximum results.


315 for 15 Reps Personal Record


The reason “Critical Bench” is going to increase your bench press and make you gain muscle mass at the same time is the clever way in which Mike has written the ebook and program. In theory you should be gaining strength whilst trying to follow a bodybuilding program but you will often find you plateau and end up lifting the same weights for a few weeks or even in some cases months. This is generally because of how most ‘commercial’  bodybuilding programs are written, they do not cater for gaining strength at the same time as gaining muscle they focus too much on the hypertrophy side of training leaving little to no direct focus on strength training. Big mistake!


It’s only the best written and planned ebooks and programs that cater for both Strength and Size as they are so closely related that you need to implement both styles of training to get optimal results. Fortunately Mike has done this for you in his”Critical Bench” ebook and program so you don’t have to do any of the hard work. Obviously the main objective of “Critical Bench” is to increase your bench press. I think we can all agree on that but what makes the program stand out for me is that you will also gain muscle at the same time during the program. Hitting  two birds with one stone.


 After reading the theory behind “Critical Bench” in the bench press ebook you will be ready to start the 10 week program. This 10 week program is designed to progressively overload the muscles which in turn will lead to eventually a 50lb Bench Press increase by the end of the 10 weeks. Don’t expect to be able to run this program back to back as it just wont work. Like I said this is an intense 10 weeks training program that Mike has created and the body would not be able to handle the constant stress without having time off. So I suggest once you finish the 10 weeks take a week or two off and come back for 6-8 weeks of your normal routine before starting the cycle again. This will give you muscles, joints and body the time needed to recuperate so you stay injury free and are able to make constant gains all year round. I would personally aim to do the “Critical Bench” program twice a year that might not seem much but its still almost 6 months worth of hard training and think of the gains you will make at the end of every year. Can you imagine? Gain up to 100lbs a year or more on your bench, depending on your level. You will obviously make your best gains the first 2/3 times you run the program after that the gains will slow but you will still gain pounds on your bench press which is of course the aim of the “Critical Bench”ebook.


Mike Westerdal the author of “Critical Bench” is probably the least known author on best-bodybuilding-ebooks. To be honest I never heard of him until I came across his “Critical Bench” ebook. So let me proudly introduce you to Mike Westerdal.



Mike Westerdal, author of the Critical Bench Program is an ACE certified personal trainer who also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Central CT State University. He’s had great experience both playing and coaching professional football in Europe and now has created a program to help teach other athletes or bodybuilding-minded individuals how they can unleash their full potential with the bench press lift. He’s penned a number of articles that have been published in national weight lifting magazines such as REPS! And Powerlifting USA and has also been an amateur powerlifting competitor himself, where he competed in both the APF and APA federations. To show that he’s a walking success story of his methods, Mike’s poundage for competition bench is 630 pounds and his weight for raw reps is 315 for a set of 15 and 405 if he’s doing a 5 rep set. Overall, based on his background and his own physique, you can tell that Mike is going to know his stuff.


So now you know a little bit more about Mike lets get into what the program offers and what you are going to get when you buy “Critical Bench”.


P.S Just a quick note it’s been a while since I last went on to the “Critical Bench” website and i mentioned the 10 Year Anniversary Edition, well it looks like Mike is giving away everything in one package now for a set price whereas before I remember depending on what weight you were lifting you would have to pay for a separate training log but now he is giving you all 80 training logs under the same one off price which is fantastic meaning the more advanced you get on the program the easier it is to pick up the next weight class training ebook to continue your strength gains!


CRITICAL COMPONENT 1: The Critical Bench Program 2.0

This is the master ebook that explains your program theory and tells you everything you need to know to follow your workout charts. It includes exercise descriptions, training parameters, motivation and everything you need to support you in crushing your goals. You’ll be light years ahead of your buddies and you’ll discover exactly how to max out for maximum poundage. Get ready to up your max 50 pounds or more all while packing on some serious muscle in the process.


CRITICAL COMPONENT 2: Customized Training Logs 100-500 LBS

You’ll receive over 80 Workout Charts! They come in five pound increments. As I mentioned earlier, every single one of these training logs has been selling for $39.99 for the past ten years and now you get them all. Each training log gives you the exact numbers you need to hit on your bench press for the 10-Week Program as well as a full body power building routine to follow.


CRITICAL COMPONENT 3: Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD

This presentation will reveal to you How to Bench Press Correctly. Fundamentals of the bench press are taught by Mike Westerdal (me), Pro Level Powerlifter Clint Smith of Team Samson, and World Record AJ Roberts of the famous Westside Barbell Club. You’ll really discover some hidden gems from the bonus footage starring Jim Smith of Diesel Crew and Power-Building Champ Lee Hayward. Increase your bench 20 lbs the first time you try these tactics.


  • Mike usually has special offers on the website where he will include a couple of free gifts as well which are usually some free e-reports and some audio or video content as well to add to the quality of the package.

All in all “Critical Bench” by Mike Westerdal is a serious ebook and training program designed at people wanting to develop incredible strength gains in the bench press and gain a solid amount of serious muscle. The program is not easy and should not be taken lightly but if you commit yourself you will get incredible results like the 10’s of thousands of athletes powerlifters and bodybuilders that have had great results from following “Critical Bench”


So if your looking to get a Big Bench Press and Solid Muscle then buy it now I can not stress this enough!



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