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“Blast Your Bench” By Lee Hayward is the must have bench press ebook for anyone wanting serious strength gains in the shortest time frame possible. Blast your Bench boasts gains of up to 51lbs on your max bench press in only 3 weeks! This sort of statement is relatively unheard of in the bodybuilding and powerlifting world and is pretty much non existent as a serious statement. But Lee means business when he states what his program can do.



I first came across the “Blast Your Bench” ebook about 4 years ago. Since then and even before then Lee has constantly updated the ebook and revised it to stay current and to make small adjustments to make the ebook and program even more efficient. So i guarantee you that the ebook you buy today is certainly the best and most up to date version there is.


The version I will be refering to in this review of “Blast Your Bench” by Lee Hayward is the revised 2008 version. There has since been newer revisions but the fundamentals of the program and the program it self stay pretty much exactly the same. So you are still gaining the best results no matter what!


Ill start by saying that the first time you read through the bench press ebook you will probably be thinking what the hell? is this even possible? And i can reassure you whatever doubt is in your head about the program throw it right out the window now! As a Personal Trainer in the UK i can say that how the program is laid out goes against a lot of principles that i have been taught especially in terms of over training. I will say quickly that the Blast Your Bench program is not designed to be performed year round, it is a program specifically designed to smash barriers and break plateaus meaning it can only be used sparingly not only to increase the effectiveness of it but because this is a hardcore training program and ebook and the body simply cannot do this program continuously.



“Blast Your Bench” ebook states the program is 3 weeks and you will gain up to 51lbs or more in those 3 weeks on your max bench press. This is true but there is a 2 week warmup/de load period before u start the 3 weeks intensity. So to gain max resluts you will need to invest 5 total weeks into the program. The main reason for the 2 week de load is to rest your shoulders joints and muscles as well as pectoral muscles so they are in good standing before the main program. This 2 weeks is crucial to prevent injury and gain maximum results.


Without giving to much away you should be aware you need to be able to invest time into the 3 weeks. So it’s best to do this when you know you can fully commit. You will need to be in the gym 5 days a week at the same time each week for the full 3 weeks.  He does cater for people who cannot find the time to get to the gym 5 days a week and has a modified 3 days a week for 3 weeks which is as effective. This can also be used by Masters (over 40) or advanced lifters who require more recovery time. He really caters for everything to make this program extremely efficient for anyone willing enough to try it. 

Author “Lee Hayward”


My own experience with the Blast Your Bench ebook really shocked me to be quite honest. I was fairly new to lifting and wasn’t very experienced or knowledgeable at the time (this is about 4 years ago), but i came across the program and gave it a shot as who wouldn’t want to increase their bench by up to or more then 51lbs! Bearing in mind I was a beginner in terms of lifting and I increased my 1 rep max by a little over 20kg which is about 45lbs! It was a brilliant confidence boost and really got me focused on keeping my strength and gaining even more. I have to say I did skip the 2 weeks at the beginning which is the deload period as I was naive but looking back I think that if i had done the deload I would of got even better results.  I found it easy to do it 5 days a week as I had a bench at home with some dumbbells so I was able to fully commit to the program as well.



Overall Lee Haywards “Blast Your Bench” ebook from my personal experience, is by far the most well thought but controversial ebook and program designed specifically to add serious pounds onto your bench press in the shortest time possible. It truly is remarkable and I guarantee anyone who reads it and uses the program will be just as satisfied as I was. You will learn some brilliant new techniques and valuable information that will help you for many more years after reading this ebook. 


So visit Lee’s website and get your own copy of “Blast Your Bench” now. Its extremely cheap for what it is and compared to a lot of other ebooks in the same category its the cheapest yet most effective bench press ebook you will ever buy!


So do yourself a favor and go get it now! 



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