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Bench Press ebooks are great for anyone trying to gain strength, get over a bench press plateau or get an education on how champion powerlifters and bodybuilders achieve such great feet’s of strength and build massive pectoral development. It is the depth and the controversial programs written in these ebooks that give the readers great results. A Bench Press ebook that specifically details the techniques that champion powerlifters and bodybuilders use is a sure given to give outstanding results if followed with accuracy.


Here are the best Bench Press Ebooks that have the credibility, information and thousands of happy customers which can only mean that these are the best bench press ebooks on the internet. I have given a full review on each giving you an in depth look at to what and why these are the best. So get reading to unlock your potential!



“Blast Your Bench”

By Lee Hayward



“Blast Your Bench” By Lee Hayward is my personal favorite Bench Press ebook. The program design is one of the most controversial that pretty much goes against most modern day training philosophies. Honestly once you’ve read it you will know what I’m on about. But all I can say is TRUST Lee Hayward. His Bench Press ebook is much less heard about then “Critical Bench” but in my opinion it is better. Lee is a popular character in the online bodybuilding community where you may of seen many of his videos on his youtube channel. He practices what he preaches and his bench press ebook “Blast Your Bench” delivers exceptional gains in strength and muscle hardness in the most controversial program to increase your bench press. Buy it, try it and be amazed. So read my full review of Lee Haywards “Blast Your Bench” by Clicking Here. 



“The Critical Bench Program 2.0”

By Mike Westerdal



“The Critical Bench Program 2.0” by Mike Westerdal is by far the most widely used and successful Bench Press Ebook and program available. It has helped thousands of people increase the Bench Press to strengths that they never new possible. With claims of increasing your max bench press by at least 50lbs if not more whilst building muscle who would not want to try this? Especially when it has thousands of happy customers and many testimonials from elite athletes to everyday gym rats proving its effectiveness. The claims the ebook offers are fairly crazy but its even crazier that these claims are backed with evidence.  So Click Here for my honest review giving you all you need to know about “The Critical Bench Program 2.0”




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